Ryan Mattick is an ex professional bodyboarder turned entrepreneur. He's a pretty damn good movie maker oh, and he created Zion Wetsuits.

Over months of morning coffee brews at some local cafes we have been formulating a plan to combine his movie making skills and my photography - we thought 'why not chase the 'endless winter' kind of thing?' And present it as a Movie/Book combo, featuring all forms of wave riding. Done.

NZ was the first step in this project and she didn't disappoint! It was my first 'Cold Water' trip as most of my previous jobs have always been tropical - my blood pumps Russian due to my ancestry, so I was excited! 

I wasn't prepared for the beauty of the place, from the moment I first saw the mountain ranges on descent from the plane window, until I left the place my mouth was agape. It was so cold, and I loved it! The Yin to the Cold's Yang, was the warmth of it's people. Everywhere we went random strangers were happy to have a 20 minute yarn and invite us over for dinner etc. It kind of felt like Australia would have been like in the 70's to me.

We drove, a lot. We scored fun, photogenic waves and that's about all I can say at the moment…

Stay tuned.