The Now - Ray Collins

The Now is a short film commissioned by Surfer Magazine to give people a glimpse into the reasons I shoot what I shoot. The video is an accompaniment to an 8 page editorial spread on my work in the print version of the magazine. 'The Now' explorers my colourblindness and how shapes, compositions and light play a major part in my art.

Filmed by my good friend Dave Fox, it was a pleasure collaborating on this piece with someone I already knew and trusted and someone who drinks as much coffee as me!

Mysterious Powers of the Ocean

Here’s an interview I did with TRT World, Turkey’s national public broadcaster during my trip to Istanbul. The interview has been translated into 38 languages and transmitted throughout Europe, The Middle East, Africa and Asia.

"Photographers and artists have always been fascinated by the mysterious powers of the ocean. Translating that power from life to photography is not as easy as it seems, but there's one man who knows exactly how to get it right…" TRT World. 3rd June 2016

The Weather Channel USA

An interview with one of the biggest TV channels in the world, The Weather Channel is broadcast live to around 97.3 million homes in The United States, I discuss how the weather plays an important part in shooting my dramatic seascapes...


A short film about what drives me to create. It shows my typical morning routine when there are waves at home. It was a finalist at The San Diego Surf Film Festival and shown at Honolulu Museum of Art as a part of the Honolulu Surf Film Festival. SeaStills captures the importance of light and it's interaction with my Seascape series of images.

SeaStills was licensed to Qantas Airlines for use across their fleet as part of the company's inflight media entertainment experience.  Filmed and produced by Malibumedia.