Ray Collins Photo

"My aim is to show the ocean as a living, breathing thing. To document it in all of it’s intimidating strengths; and to bring awareness to its delicate fragility."

Ray Collins (b.1982) is an Ocean photographer from Thirroul in New South Wales, Australia.

In 2007 a tragic underground coal mining accident left him with a knee injury and for several months - unable to walk, it was then he discovered photography. Reading and re-reading the camera manual back-to-front helped him understand the processes of photography and how to interpret and manipulate light. As rehabilitation progressed he invested in a water housing to combine his new passion - photography, with his one true love - the ocean.

With the aim of shooting his friends surfing around his local area and a goal of getting a single shot published, within a few months he had captured the surfing worldʼs attention by gracing the front covers of several international magazines with his fresh perspective and his willingness to risk his personal safety to get the shot.

In 2012, after several years of shooting the biggest names in surfing he put his camera down for a year, in that time he worked on the many layers of himself and decided to stop drinking alcohol. This was a crucial decision in paving his path forward. With the extra hours of daylight available instead of spending afternoons at the pub - and mornings hung over, he turned his attention back to the sea. This time the focus wasnʼt on the people riding the waves - it was on the waves themselves.

Exploring the complexities of water and light and capturing the last burst of energy as a wave completes itʼs journey to shore, it was there that Ray found himself.

His signature style of moody seascapes captured the attention of the art world and nature lovers across the globe.

In Rayʼs short career progression from shooting his friends surfing to being a global advocate for the ocean, heʼs partnered with some of the biggest companies in the automotive, computer and technology, aviation and fashion sectors while working closely with NGO’s, scientists, activists and charities to help bring awareness to our current situation of environmental fragility.

Ray is an ambassador for Aquatech & Epson Australia and supported by Nikon, Patagonia, DaFin & SunZapper 

"Ray Is able to capture the power and essence of the ocean in a single snapshot..."

National Geographic

"In just eight years Ray has arrived as one of the most distinguished photographers of waves, and the ocean in the world..."

Forbes Magazine

"Rayʼs awe inspiring images have the power to bring the earths primal force to a standstill, heʼs an up-and-coming creative talent set to be the next big name in culture and the arts"