Ray Collins Photo

"Ray Is able to capture the power and essence of the ocean in a single snapshot..."

National Geographic

"In just eight years Ray has arrived as one of the most distinguished photographers of waves, and the ocean in the world..."

Forbes Magazine

"Ray's awe inspiring images have the power to bring the earths primal force to a standstill, a creative talent set to be the next big name in culture and the arts..."

CNN International

"Ray sees waves the way you've never seen them, from an otherworldly perspective. They are mountainous, menacing and flat-out gorgeous..."

Huffington Post

Water & Light

Three years in the making, Water & Light presents new and unseen visions of waves.

Ray's renowned style ties the tremendous force and fury of an agitated sea to a blink of light in a single water droplet seamlessly - and often on the same page.

To make this book, Ray has hung harnessed out of a doorless helicopter in Hawaii, swam amongst the below freezing north Atlantic seas of Iceland, sailed through the remote and uninhabited island chains of the Indonesian archipelago, documented a once in a decade Tahitian mega swell, and driven for days on end to the desolate reefs and bomboras of Australia's raw southern and eastern coastlines.

Using the highest production values and sparing no expense 'Water & Light' is a 176 page, premium hardcover coffee table book printed on deluxe 157gsm fine art, matt paper.

The two fundamental elements in every moment he captures are water and light, and the very best moments are in this book.

Total price: $79.99
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