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Hahnemühle Photo Rag - Metallic is a museum grade fine art cotton inkjet paper. In my opinion the bold colours, rich contrast and reproduction of detail of the ocean and sky is the perfect subtle finish for my seascapes.

It is a premium paper that I use for all of my exhibitions and personal work. It represents my vision of how the completed image should look and is fantastic when framed too.

Photo Rag Metallic is acid and lignin ­free and meets the most exacting requirements in terms of age resistance and archival stability. 340 gsm · 100% cotton · natural white with no optical brighteners.


For a modern, minimalist feel my 6mm thick Acrylic prints float slightly off the wall. The image is fused between the acrylic and aluminium Dibond backing which gives the appearance of depth and the edges have a diamond polished finish.

They come ready to hang with a specially constructed hidden backing frame that marries to the supplied hanging bracket. The installation is simple and secure.

They look amazing with a timber shadow-box frame in either Oak, Black or White - or frameless for a contemporary aesthetic.


Museum Grade Fine Art Canvas gives gives my images a lively, tactile presence.

The Canvas boasts high levels of UV inhibitors as well as anti-fungal properties to provide robust protection to your images. It offers a high resolution coating for increased colour brilliance and image definition.

My canvases are machine stretched to give consistent tension across the artwork. The frames we use are kiln dried, finger jointed timber without wedges, meaning it won’t warp later on like the cheap ones.

This is a lightweight, durable archival canvas with industry leading reproductive resolution and can be wiped down with a rag for cleaning. It is the perfect option for bright high-glare installations as it does not reflect light.

The assembly is completed with framers tape and strung ready-to-hang when it gets to you. You can choose either frameless, or shadow box float frames (seen below) which are a modern, gallery-style finish and come in Oak, Black or White timber.

Most print orders are dispatched within 24hr to 48hrs of receiving payment.

For framed orders it usually takes about 4 working days, as the prints need to de-fume (cure) before being sealed. These turn around times are flexible due to workload, seasonal fluctuations and stock availability.

Yes. I ship from Australia several times a week. I also work with a partner laboratories in California and Germany who use my master files to print and ship larger framed pieces to keep the costs reasonable for my clients in the USA and Europe.

Alternatively, some people prefer to buy a print and have their local picture framer complete it, which works well too.

90% of my clients are located in the USA and Europe, my store is in USD

For licensing enquires please contact amber@raycollinsphoto.com


When I started exploring photography I had no idea what lay down the road. What I'm learning is that making and sharing images of waves has changed my life in an unrecognisably positive way.

I've had exhibitions of all shapes and sizes all over the world and there are many more planned. If you would like to enquire about availability or would like to organise one, let my team know.

Public speaking certainly wasn’t at the forefront of my mind either, but as time has gone on I've embraced the fact that I have a unique and interesting story to tell. It's easy for me to talk about my life because it is my own truth.

The Ocean has been my place of healing.

From growing up in government housing, losing my father to suicide, bouncing through almost 10 different schools, working for years in an underground coal mine, experiencing a life altering knee injury, picking up a camera, quitting the mines, giving up alcohol, dealing with trauma and anxiety and somehow making my passion my life. The ocean has been the single constant through it all. It's been my teacher and my grounding force. Whenever I'm near it, anywhere in the world. I am home.

I've been sharing my 'Found At Sea' talk at various institutions, conferences, universities, exhibitions, shows and festivals all over the world for a couple of years now. It's a one hour multimedia presentation of my wave art and life experiences.

To enquire please email amber@raycollinsphoto.com or fill out a contact form on my website.

Yes, let me know what your needs are. We certainly make larger sizes. The sizes on my website are just a reflection what's most affordable and popular.

Custom sizes, panoramas and extra large prints are not a problem. I also do multi-panel installations on acrylic or aluminium that look really nice.

I have shipped rolled prints, framed prints under glass, books, canvases, aluminium and acrylics all over the world for over a decade.

Unless you buy from me in Australia (where GST applies), you will not be charged any tax.

Please be mindful that VAT / import duties / taxes are the responsibility of the customer.

Usually it’s a couple of dollars and they may hold it for a few days until paid.

Also, everything I send is insured.

Not really. The truth is, I never know what a typical week looks like. My movements are largely dictated by what the weather is doing. Sometimes I have weeks or months of almost non-stop travelling and shooting, then I may not pick up my camera for a similar amount of time and I'll edit images which means often endlessly staring into the black mirror of my computer screen at my office.

No, unfortunately for security reasons I don't. Once a file leaves my circle I have no way of monitoring it's usage or duplication.

If you are thinking about owning one of my pieces and would like me to help you imagine it in your home, it’s pretty easy.

Just send me a picture (with your phone is fine) of the room and let me know the name of the image. If you’re not sure of a name but like a colour or feel I can send a selection of options that I think work with your unique space.

I can crop images to fit a range of custom spaces. Together with traditional fine art printing and framing, I offer acrylic or aluminium free floating panels, triptych’s and other multi panel installation’s to suit your space.

I'm constantly exploring new ways to refine my packaging solutions. Security, strength and durability were what I once considered the only important aspects for many years. As time has gone on however, and i've become more educated about what I consume and what I waste - both as a human and as a company I'm in the process of phasing out single use materials and replacing my packaging with honeycomb shaped industrial cardboards.

There's a lot of trial and error and I'm not where I want to be just yet, but life is a process of progression and i'm trying to do my part to help head in the right direction.